10 day Detox Programme (Basic)

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10 day detox program

In this programme we have

  • 15ml of homeopathic activator which allows the body to release toxins.
  • 15ml Detox boost Drops - which allows the body to eliminate efficiently.
  • 50ml Magnesium Spray for efficient acces to this wonderful mineral.
  • ebook which take you through every step.

Want to do a detox but not sure how to go about it? 

This is the best and easiest way of detoxing that I know. Not only do you feel wonderful after it as your whole body will have been able to shed some toxins. You can also shed a few kilos if you have put on a few in the winter months and find them hard to shift!

This detox programme contains our NEW (improved) Fast Track Detox spray formula designed to help remove toxins using our unique homeopathic formula and to bring subtle changes to your body so that you should feel great while you are doing the programme. This formula includes chemical and other remedies to help remove the most common toxins in our enviroment.

These toxins can build up in our bodies to prevent the detoxification pathways from working efficently so by helping to remove these we can free up the body so that it can put it's energy into repair and healing of any area that needs it's attention. 

We also have our wonderful NEW  Fast Track Detox drops that you add into your water three times a day. These are to help the body eliminate the toxins that the spray has released - if you don't have these drainage remedies you can get severe detox reactions like headaches, very low vitality etc. 

Plus we have included a small bottle of our magnesium oil spray as it is a critical nutrient for EVERY system in the body. 

As an optional extra we have included a pack of 10 laxative herbs - these are stronger than Alpine tea but not as strong as LBS11. We have found that clients need a bit of help when they are on this programme to keep the bowels moving - which is critical any way but when you are on a detox it is even more important. 

The diet you follow is simple and easy to do (if you have done Fast Track it is the same) low carb and has excluded most of the foods that can cause allergic reactions within the body. 

We personally do this program every 6 months or so to keep us balanced and energised. 

We include a booklet which will take you step by step through the process and of course like all of our programmes we are here to help and answer all of your question