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This is a story you may all be able to relate to. It's a story about what happens when we try to strive for perfection and fail. It's about finding the answers and what happens when we get real. It's about the cycle of weight gain and loss that many of us struggle with. It's my truth. It's me, warts and all. Why? Because I want you to know that I get you. I want you to know that there is a better way.

Here is my story:

Over the last thirty years I have been working through my own health issues including my struggle with my weight and fatigue. My weight has been an issue with me for over 40 years. Over the last nine months, it has become very obvious to me that I have been struggling with body image issues including being good enough to be successful, plus being seen as a role model for a weight loss company. It has only been over the last six months that I have realized (what the universe has been trying to get through to my ego, for many a year) that it isn’t what I look like that counts. It is what is in my heart and soul, and that is the most important as that will shine though.

What I have realized is that I have been striving for an unobtainable goal – perfection. I have been trying like so many others to be the perfect women – perfect shape, perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect Entrepreneur and so forth.

As far as my weight is concerned, yes, my weight fluctuates. The interesting thing is that when I am happy and busy, my weight is stable. When I am stressed, my weight starts to go up. This is when I put myself on the 10-day program. Yes, this brings my weight back down!  But what it hasn’t done is to get me to really look at why I keep on putting the weight on. What I found is that a 10-day program every six months wasn’t often enough to keep my weight stable. I wondered what was happening to me. Why couldn’t I keep the weight from going up even though I was sticking to the guidelines of my protocol? I put myself onto one of my machines, and although I kept on coming up as low energy, very little else came up to show what was going on. Yes, my adrenals were a little low, and stress came up as high. I know how to deal with that. I have been researching for years about this and the thyroid among many others.

The one thing that brought all of this to my attention was the writing of my book. The closer the book release comes, the more I am being presented with answers. As the book has progressed, the more I have looked into the past and the more I have realized what I have been doing to myself all of my life.

After the discovery of Fast Track Slim six years ago, I put so much attention onto the fact that I am not a perfect role model for my business. When the clinic went into a financial decline, I had to make a decision. Do we go bankrupt or do we continue but work our butts off from home to fulfill my dreams? We decided to do the latter, I am pleased to say. However, I decided after that (subconsciously) to hide away behind an airbrushed photo of myself in my home office. After all, who would buy a weight loss product off someone who hasn’t got the perfect body and who has wrinkles?!!

Suddenly I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I was comparing myself to the media’s idea of a perfect women! A perfect woman who has been through plastic surgery, starves herself, and is also airbrushed so much that you wouldn’t recognize her if you met her on the street. I realized I had fallen into a trap. I was allowing myself to try to conform to the perceived norm! All of this is a bit strange as I have always been a bit of a non-conformist in many ways.

I have realized that over the years, I have put so much energy into not being good enough. I have depleted my energy even further by trying to be someone I am not. Because of this, I got tired quickly, which puts me into adrenal stress mode, which then starts the cycle of weight gain, not good enough, and so on into the cycle.

Can you relate to any part of this cycle?

The miracle of Fast Track to Health

I have been on Fast Track over the last 20 days. I decided to get on the program as I had put on over 6kg after a fall in which I broke my foot. It is what I would advise any client who had been through a similar experience. In those 20 days, I have had several shifts in my physical body. They have been quite small ones so far. Far more profound is that my mental blocks are dropping away. It is amazing to watch this with clients as I have seen it happen so many times. Now it is my turn, and it feels even better than I can express with words.

I have decided that I am no longer going to put emphasis on me being the perfect weight, as I am sure no one but me notices that I have put on a few kilos. I am now going to put the emphasis on being happy with who I am right at this minute. Just by writing this down, I get a feeling of lightness, and a surge of energy comes through me as though my soul has just given me a big hug!

This doesn’t mean that I am no longer going to be continuing on my program, far from it. I am going to be on fire working my way through other emotional/physical baggage that I can let go of. I know my body will respond by letting go of its layers of protection that I have built over decades of self-destruction.

My wish for you is that you join me. Let go of the negative beliefs that hold you in a pattern of not being good enough so that you too can let go and release the weight that has probably been your biggest line of defense!

I will support you in every way I can on this journey of transformation!

With Fast Track Slim, we will know if you are doing the program properly as the weight will drop off. However, I would like the weight to be a wonderful side effect of this program. For me now, the most important outcome of this program is that you feel so much better about yourself.
With the ongoing support of the programs you will know it is OK for you to let go of old patterns that don’t serve you, even if you are like me and they have been with you for over 40 years.
Let’s work together to help create a better body, plus a positive image of that body. We will do this knowing that it doesn’t have to take a long time, it just takes the willingness to let go and become free of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Let’s put a stop to conforming to the perceived idea of a perfect women (or man for that matter) and make the most of what makes us unique and beautiful in our own right!

Fast track to a new you today with Fast Track Slim – the quick, healthy and completely natural weight loss plan. Fast Track Slim is proven to help you not only lose weight but let go of old stuff that could be holding you back! 

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