Facial Oil

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Facial oil 30ml - made with a base of Jojoba oil with oils to help complement the program
When you are on our Fast Track part of the programme you aren't able to use oils or fats on the skin as it will impair on your results. So we have come up with our unique formula which is beautiful as well as effective, all you need is 2 drops for the face and a few more on the body to help keep your skin moist and supple.
Our Facial oil is a wonderful product That we in the office all use twice a day 

Over the last 6 years since it's development we have hundreds of converts who use it all the time to help keep their skin feeling soft and gorgeous. 


The base of this oil is Organic Jojoba oil and to this we add our secret blend of essential oils and homeopathic remedies that can help with skin but also helps with hormonal balancing. 

The end result of this is a beautiful oil that is a delight to use as it feels and smells amazing. If you are intolerant toany essential oils then please contact us and we will tell you if that oil is in the blend!