Fast Track 40 with Boost and Magnesium Oil

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boost, Fast Track Spray and Magnesium for phase 1 of your Fast Track 2 Health journey


FAST TRACK 2 Health (Phase 1 Detox only) 40 days 

Phase 1 Package contains

  • 50ml Fast track Spray
  • 50ml Fast Track Boost 
  • 250ml Transformation Magnesium
  • Instruction booklet/recipes 


Do you want to have more energy? Feel great, lose a bit of weight? 

If you or someone you know does this could be the answer .

With this system clients have lost up to 20Kg’s, been taken off medications by their doctors, Improved energy, better sleep and so much more!
Fast Track comes in two parts

Detox stage—using a homeopathic remedy (Fast track Spray) for 40 days  with a strict  food program your body can eliminate huge amounts of toxins and fat, making you feel amazing and inspired to keep up with a healthier lifestyle.

With this program you can totally change your life.


With the First 40 days (detox phase) you use Your activator spray (Fast Track Spray) which is a homeopathic complex that starts helping your body to detox and use fat as energy. Plus we have our Boost Drops and magnesium oil which enables your body to bring about balance and reduction or elimination of symptoms.   .

Although this is primarily a health program if you have weight to lose you will be very happy with the results . The average weight loss for the 40 days is 12.5kg.

You will need a few extras that we don't supply Like Gelatine and Reuteri ( great gut bacteria) . Get your Gelatine and Reuteri  from and use this code VHV302 to get great discounts. Iherb shopping cart

With this programme you will find that it is so much easier to keep too and your habits will be changed and so will how you feel about yourself.

Does this mean you cannot have fun and go out and have a meal once in a while? 
No the changes mean that it is easier to eat in restaurants and have a drink occasionally but don’t get into bad habits as that will defeat the object!
For more information have a look at our Fast Track Page 

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    So far ... so good

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2016

    The products have been easy to use and I have started to feel the benefits already.
    I don't like all the water intake, but for the sake of a good result I will take one for the team ( me) :) :)