Fast Track to Health

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Our amazing Fast Track Health package has everything you need to get you going on your journey It includes our Homeopathic sprays, our Nutritional drainage drops and Magnesium spray, enough to keep you going through the 80 days plus lots more (see pack details) You also receive weekly one on one mentoring through the whole 12 weeks of the program plus weekly conference calls with our highly experienced well trained mentors. This is simply the crème de la crème of programmes

This package includes everything you need to achieve optimum results For 80 days (12 weeks) - All the products (not the food) to help you on your way - no extra shopping (except Gelatine and Reuteri) 
This package is ideal for everyone - especially those who might have health challenges and/or food addictions (who hasn't those)!! 

Fast Track 2 health 


1xFast Track spray   1x Fast Track Boost drops

1x 200ml Magnesium spray   1x Fast track phase 2 spray
1 x Fast Track phase 2 boost, 1x
Facial oil, 1x Alpine tea,

1 x Body oil, 1 x Body wash,  1x Deodorant,
1 x Body cloth,   1x Breath freshener,  1x Charcoal,  1kg Epsom salts,

Plus a personalised Quantum Essence 

Recipe booklet

Phase 1 and 2 diary's

Invite to exclusive Facebook page 

Initual Consultation with Mentor