Fast Track


This program is simple - Using real foods, homeopathic formulas and simple nutritional supplements that help your body come into balance (feel energised, syptom free and lighter).  Supports your hormonal system, while reducing stress and aiding digestion. Plus letting go of the Fat!!!

Have you ever felt that you may have an issue with foods? 
Could you be addicted to sugar?
Have you tried to exercise and dieting and nothing is working? 
Do you suffer with anxiety and/or depression? 

if you feel that one or more of the above is you then Fast Track 2 Health is for you!

With its products and foods, the FastTrack program, has been trialled and tested on REAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU, in fact 1000's of clients worldwide have felt the benefits - Quite simply it works!!! 

Karen Creighton Founder of FastTrack @ Health talks to Julie Wintle about the Fast Track programme - Warts And All!


The food component is simple - it isn't a faddy diet using special foods - it is normal food that you can find almost anywhere. The foods have been chosen because most of them are very low inflammatory and so helps with the healing process.

  • 2 meals daily - and before you start panicking I promise there is a very good reason for this - it enables your body to rest whilst it is doing its job of healing (and also using up any stores of fat you may be carrying around).
  • 150gm of protein 2 x daily and unlimited amounts of the vegetables on the list you will be provided with when you sign up
  • 2 pieces of fruit daily (specific fruits) 
  • Drink 3 liters of liquid (including herbal and green teas and water - of course - to which you can add lemon or lime juice to spice it up!)

new-flwr-2-copy-80.jpgThis is a story you may all be able to relate to.

It's a story about what happens when we try to strive for perfection and fail. It's about finding the answers and what happens when we get real. It's about the cycle of weight gain and loss that many of us struggle with. It's my truth. It's me, warts and all. Why? Because I want you to know that I get you. I want you to know that there is a better way.  Read more...

What I have realized is that I like so many others have been striving for an unobtainable goal – perfection. I have been trying like so many others to be the perfect women – perfect shape, perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect Entrepreneur and so forth.

I have realized that over the years, I have put so much energy into not being good enough. I have depleted my energy even further by trying to be someone I am not. Because of this, I got tired quickly, which puts me into adrenal stress mode, which then starts the cycle of weight gain, not good enough, and so on into the cycle.

Can you relate to any part of this cycle?

new-flwr-3-copy-80.jpgThe miracle of Fast Track 2 Health

My wish for you is that you join me on the Fast Track journey. Let go of the negative beliefs that hold you in a pattern of not being good enough so that you too can let go and release the weight that has probably been your biggest line of defense!

I will support you in every way I can on this journey of transformation!

With Fast Track 2 Health, we will know if you are doing the program properly the weight will drop off. However, the weight loss is  a wonderful side effect of this program. For me now, the most important outcome of this program is that you feel so much better about yourself.
With the ongoing support of the programs you will know it is OK for you to let go of old patterns that don’t serve you, even if you are like me and they have been with you for over 40 years.

Let’s work together to help create a better body, plus a positive image of that body. We will do this knowing that it doesn’t have to take a long time, it just takes the willingness to let go and become free of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Let’s put a stop to conforming to the perceived idea of a perfect women (or man for that matter) and make the most of what makes us unique and beautiful in our own right!

Fast track to a new you today with Fast Track Slim – the quick, healthy and completely natural weight loss plan. Fast Track Slim is proven to help you not only lose weight but let go of old stuff that could be holding you back! 

Get started today and say hello to a slimmer, healthier, happier new you.

"All I can say is WOW! After just 12 easy weeks,
I have lost a massive 20kg already."

Bella, USA

Incredible results

Fast Track is a proven way to feel good plus lose weight and keep it off for good. The average weight loss achieved  on the 80 day plan it’s a massive 18kg.

"Not only 12.7kg lighter but two dress sizes smaller. I can now fit into a size 12. I have never done that before in my adult life!"
Lucy, UK 

new-flwr-4-copy-80.jpgHow does Fast Track work?
Fast Track utilities the incredible effects of homeopathy and magnesium oil, along with a specialized detox diet, to help you lose weight fast.

  1. Homeopathic Fast Track Spray and Boost Drops
    Our Fast Track to health spray is a unique homeopathic blend that encourages your body to bring about balance within your hormonal and digestive system whilst achieving weight loss (a wonderful side effect)  you will feel full, and cravings are almost non existent - so you can stick to the program with ease.

  2. Naturally beneficial magnesium oil
    The health benefits of magnesium are widely recognized. Now we’ve developed our own unique magnesium oil blend that can also help you lose weight faster.

  3. Easy-to-stick-to menu plan
    Fast Track programs come with detailed advice on what you can eat over the duration of the program, so it is even easier than you think to shed those symptoms and also extra kilos.

  4. Personalized support
    You can call on us for support throughout your Program so you’ll always feel like there’s someone there to help, and get you back on track if you need it.  
"I have lost over 20kgs in a very short time. It has been a life changing experience in more ways than one!"
Grant, Auckland 

3 choices of our 80 day plans 

With three Fast Track Slim programs to choose from, there’s a fast and effective weight loss plan to suit your needs and budget.

Fast Track Gold - Health Fast Track Silver - Transformation Fast Track Bronze - Detox

This Health package includes:

  • Everything you need to achieve optimum results For 80 days (12 weeks) - All the products (not the food) to help you on your way - no extra shopping.
  • Plus you will have your own Mentor who will be available for a consultation with you on a weekly basis.
  • Plus you will be able to access our Exclusive Mentor Facebook page. So not only will you have your own mentor, you will have access to others on a daily basis - you will be supported in every way.
  • Plus you will be invited to join our Weekly conference calls where you can ask Questions and share experiences - If you are unable to attend the recording will be available for you. 

This package is ideal for everyone - especially those who might have health challenges and/or food addictions (who hasn't those)!! 

This Transformation package includes:

  • Our Phase 1 and phase 2 products plus a few extra products that will make life a lot easier.
  • Plus you will also be allocated a mentor who will be available for you to consult with every 2 weeks.
  • Plus you will be invited to our Exclusive Mentors Facebook page. where mentors can answer any questions that may arise for you.
  • You will also be invited to attend one of our weekly conference calls, where you can ask questions and hear what others are doing and generally be part of our community.  

This package is wonderful for anyone - especially if you feel that you have a few symptoms you would like to work through. 

This Detox package includes:

  • Our Phase 1 and phase 2 products 80 day program (it doesn't include the extras that the gold and silver packages do)
  • Exclusive Facebook page

This is for anyone who is happy to work their way through the program with support of our Exclusive Facebook page. But with No mentoring or extra products.

Great for those who are totally self-motivated and who don't have any major symptoms or eating issues. 

Fast Track Gold - Health

Fast Track Silver - Transformation

Fast Track Bronze - Detox




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"I am a much slimmer me, and I am in much better health than I ever believed I could be. I lost 19kg – astounding – and felt better than I had for a very long time."
Jeff, Hamilton 


What have you got to lose? Besides all those painful symptoms, Emotional eating and  excess kilos! Get started today!

"In just 80 days, you’ll be enjoying a  healthier and happier you. In fact, I personally guarantee that when you complete the Fast Track Slim weight loss plan, you’ll not only have lost weight, but you’ll look and feel better than you could ever believe. That’s how confident I am that Fast Track Slim will work for you."
Karen Creighton, Reviresco




new-flwr-5-copy-150.jpgLook great and feel better than ever, with our natural health services and highest quality, hand-made homeopathic remedies

Harness the astonishing natural power of homeopathy to help with all sorts of health issues, including:

Weight Loss  Hormonal Balance
Stress Relief  Aches and Pains
Headaches/Migraines Digestion Support
Mental Clarity Improving Sleep
Insulin Balance  Leptin Balance
Fatigue Immunity Support
Depression  Detoxification
Adrenal/thyroid balancing  Plus much more

How can we help you achieve your health goals?

  • Fast Track Program - the natural and healthy way to lose symptoms  weight fast.
  • Homeopathic remedies – hand-made with love in Paihia, for help with all sorts of health problems.
  • Magnesium oils – feel better all over with our unique blends of transdermal magnesium oil.

Want more support and learn more about your body? Then why not have a look at our New Program Enlightened Hormones - have a look here 

Not sure where to start? Or which program to choose?  Get in touch for a free initial consultation