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The secrets of the french

9th Jul 2017

I have been thinking a lot lately of the experiences of my past and how they have impacted my present lifestyle and my Travelling past came up lots - Here is one insight that I realised has impacted … read more

Why Is Pantethine so useful

Posted by Karen Creighton on 6th Jul 2017

Nutrient talk - today we are talking about one of my favorite supplements, in fact the only vitamin that I ever recommend in capsule form (mainly because I haven't found a liquid as yet!)Pantethine i … read more
Lemon water - great way to start the day

Lemon water - great way to start the day

Posted by Karen Creighton on 29th Jun 2017

Lemon water – when made at night and left to steep you have a refreshing health drink that can start your day off with an amazing lift Ingredients:1 liter. of water 6 lemons sprig or 2 mint (o … read more
Death by Sugar

Death by Sugar

Posted by Karen Creighton on 26th Jun 2017

Death by Sugar - Wow that is a major statement, isn’t it?However we as humans in the western world are doing just that committing a long slow suicide! That’s right we have a choice, we can choose w … read more

Karen"s Health tea/jelly Tonic recipe

Posted by Karen Creighton on 23rd Jun 2017

Last week on a facebook live video I did a recipe demo that I got asked a lot of questions about so I thought I would share it with you here. The link is just below the ingredients and recipe T … read more