Phase 2 Package - Fast Track Phase 2 (40 Day)

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Phase 2 - Fast Track 2 health (40 day)

This Duo of products is the Optimal for phase 2 of our Fast Track 2 Health programme and beyond. This can help you to continue on your health/weight journey 

So, I thought I would explain how it came about and the comments we have had already regarding this great system. 
Phase 2  has come about because so many of you asked if I could create a remedy, programme that would give the same wonderful feeling that you get when you are on phase one of Fast Track 2 health. The first time I was asked this was about 6 years or more ago and I thought it would be an impossible task. However after a few years we have come up with a formula that really does help make you feel wonderful plus helps keep your system in balance so you can keep your weight and moods stable (or even lose more if you need too) 

A long the way we have had volunteers who have helped us perfecting the wholes system enabling trials of real people so we know that this works! Of course we have trialled it too, I am so lucky to be able to try out my ideas on myself and others. I have personally found it hugely beneficial with my life - it helps keep me healthy and happy, which of course helps others put up with me! 

This pack is for anyone who has done phase 1 of our Fast Track programme 


The pack contains - Fast Track phase 2 spray - this is a wonderful homeopathic remedies which has been made with a great deal of care, love and consideration (and trials) to give you control over your health and wellbeing.

Fast Track Phase 2 Boost - this is a wonderful Remedy that is in a base of Ionic minerals with Drainage remedies that helps to support your detoxification pathways. Plus it has other essences to help support you emotionally. It is similar to phase1 boost with an extra twist! 

Add all of these products together and you have a great combination to help you on your quest for Optimum health!