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Product - Bowel

Bowel Cleanse information and instructions

Why is cleansing the bowel so important?
This is the most common question I get asked around detoxing, after all it is an area of the body that is automatic, if we have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Well yes and no!
Yes it is automatic–however when we are under stress, dehydrated, been affected by viruses, bacteria or any other pathogen, this can cause the bowel to become sluggish. Plus, when we go on a program like
this one, Where we change our foods completely. Then our bowels will naturally change their habits. After all things are not normal!
So with this part of the Ramp up program you have two options.

Option 1 – you will receive Charcoal capsules and Alpine tea, 4 charcoal capsules daily and 1 – 3 Alpine teabags – cost of products $28
Option 2 – You will receive Charcoal capsules and LBS 11, 4 charcoal capsules and 1 – 6 capsules daily. – cost of products $48

Plus if Reuteri added Cost of Option 1 with Reuteri $90 Cost of option 2 with Reuteri $110

How to choose?

Option 1 is for those of you who generally have a bowel motion everyday but would like to improve digestion.
Option 2 is for those of you who don’t have a bowel motion daily and need to improve bowel health.

How to do the cleanse

All you as doing need to do is to follow the regime below. You can do this cleanse at the same time as either the kidney or liver cleanses. (don’t try to do all three at the same time, it simply won’t work) Plus
you can do this bowel cleanse for as long as you want. I would encourage you to take Reuteri when doing these cleanses as they can really help build digestive and immune health.–include Reuteri in your package here.
Cost of Option 1 with Reuteri $90 Cost of option 2 with Reuteri $110



On rising–before taking your Fast Track spray take 2 charcoal capsules, take your spray straight after.
When you take your boost drops in water have a cup of alpine tea or 1 capsule of LBS11–do this each time you have your boost. If your bowels get too loose then stop having 1 or 2 of your teabags, capsules. We want the bowels to be regular not runny. You will probably find that each day will be different and as you cleanse you will need less and less of the laxative type herbs–this is a good sign it means that your body is starting to improve.
Mid afternoon–at least an hour away from your food or boosts take 2 more charcoal capsules.