Quantum Essence

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Quantum trio

Quantum Essences - inviidual Please let us know which essence/essences you require on the notes when you place an order. 

Our Quantum Essences are unique, they are complex remedies made on and of New Zealand, We have 23 in the range (so far) 
They all have between 7 and 50 seperate Flora and Fauna essences which blend together to make an amazing blend which can 
Help you to release old thought patterns,  emtional and physical blocks so that your life becomes more in the flow of who we truly are. 

choose as many essences as you would like, if you purchase the full set you will recieve a considerable discount - plus you will be invited to join our 
development of self courses free of charge. (you will save over $300) 


The 23 Essences


No 1. Quantum Feminine
Keywords: Feminine, Nurturing, Creating Abundance, Self Love and Self Worth.

No 2. Quantum Trauma
Keywords: Supports Trauma, Feeling Safe. Deep Calm, Centring, Reassurance, Clear Boundaries.

No 3. Quantum Ray of Light
Keywords: Supports Stress, Letting Go, Healing Grief, Acceptance, Faith in Positive Outcomes, Composure.

No 4. Quantum Console
Keywords: Consolation, Healing Grief, Reassurance, Inner Stillness, Self Love, Separation from Source.

No 5. Quantum Protect
Keywords: Protecting, Preserving, and Setting Clear Boundaries, Independence, Endurance, Receptivity.

No. 6. Quantum Time Out
Key Words: Renewal, Be Different, Transformation, Flexibility, Acceptance.

No 7. Quantum Solutions
Keywords: Opening the Heart, Unlimited, Playfulness, Inner Freedom, and Acceptance.

No 8. Quantum Clarity
Keywords: Clear Perception, Self-Identity, and Independence, Objectivity. Integrity.

No 9. Quantum Freedom
Keywords: Expansion, Clarity, Cleansing, Vibrant, Renewal, Self Love.

No 10. Quantum Determination
Keywords: Resourcefulness, Resilience, Self Discipline, Grounding.

No 11. Quantum Self Discipline
Keywords: Protective, Strengthening, Independence, Integrity.

No 12. Quantum Transformation
Keywords: Alignment, Attunement, Balance, Rhythm.

No 13. Quantum Independence
Keywords: Self Empowerment, Trust, Strength, Vitality.

No 14. Quantum Peace of mind
Keywords: Acceptance, Composure, Centering, Calming, Resourcefulness.

No 15. Quantum Reassurance
Keywords: Gentleness, Encouragement, Self Expression.

No 16. Quantum In Touch
Keywords: Connected, Joy, Guided, Purpose, Inner Guidance, Staying Present.

No 17. Quantum Alignment
Keywords: Leadership, Confidence, Inner Strength.

No 18. Quantum Balance
Keywords: Self Reliance, Self Assurance, Goal Reaching, Self Contained.

No 19. Quantum Detox
Keywords: Vitality, Zest for Life, Freedom, Flexibility.

No 20. Quantum Wound Healer
Keywords: Acceptance, Faith, Resilience.

No 21. Quantum Heart Strengthened 
Keywords: Strength, Magnificence, Self Awareness, Self Love.

No 22 Quantum Sol & Lunar
Keywords: Connecting to Source and Being Grounded.

No 23 Quantum Acceptance 
Key words: letting go, beautiful, true love


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