3 Steps to Enlightened Hormones

Health by Design - 3 Steps to Enlightened Hormones 



Would you like:-

  • Weight Loss

  • Boundless energy

  • Freedom from aches and pains

  • Digestive comfort 

  • Mental clarity 

  • Knowledge about YOUR own body

  • A strategy to help you keep this level of health and vitality

  • Help and support along your journey 

If you would like to achieve the above and more then you are in the right place


My name is Karen Creighton and I have been working with clients like yourself for over 30 years. I have had had some major struggles with my own health for a very long time until I created the first version of the Fast Track journey
I have honed and improved my programs over the last 12 years and I now have steps for you to take to bring you and your body into balance. 

I know that these programs work as long as you make a commitment to bring about change, then I can help you achieve your goals of health and wellness that you would never have believed possible! 


Step 1 Fast Track - To Enlightened Hormones 

This program is a great place to start, you can lose weight and find out which foods really suit your body - if you do this then it gives you the knowledge and gets you into great habits. This process takes 12 weeks - in just 12 weeks you can lose anything from 4 to 20 kg's

the 12 weeks are broken into 2 phases phase 1 and 2 each of which is 6 weeks, the Detox phase and Discovery phase 

There are  three options for this phase

Choice 1 Detox http://reviresco.co.nz/fast-track-detox/


Choice 2 -  Fast Track Transformation  - http://reviresco.co.nz/fast-track-transformation/


The third choice  is Fast Track 2 Health - http://reviresco.co.nz/fast-track-to-health/
This package is the premier product and contains most things that you will need for the full twelve week process



By the way if you don;t feel that Enlightened Hormones (step 2) Is right for you then you can move straight to step 3 - to help keep you inspired and on track 

Step 2 



This is our Enlightened Hormones 12 week process 
With this we delve deeply into your past - with health and emotions so that we can let negative aspects of our pas go,  so that you can start this phase of your life with a clean slate. Plus your hormonal system will be in balance and your energy will be elevated. 

What we are working on with our 12 week Enlightened Hormone experience

1.       We will be working on getting the body into balance so that you can lose weight, gain more energy, lose aches and pains. –  and any other disease process that you may have going on, starts to be lessened or in some cases totally removed from the physical body.

2.       We are aiming at  Harmonic Hormones – when our hormones come into harmony then our whole-body sings in tune and feels deeply content.

3.       Health is our most valuable asset if we don’t have ultimate health then we are not getting the most out of our life. With this program, we will start the process of deep cellular healing that is totally priceless!

4.       Achieve greater clarity of mind

5.       Find out what foods are ideal for you, not what a dietary regime tells you is good.

6.       Connection with a group who is going to be supported and supporting

7.       Access to your intuitive higher self, we do this by letting go of emotional, spiritual and physical blocks so that your messages become clearer and more in tune with who you really are

8.       One on one consultations– first before we get started so that your journey will be personalized via remedies so we can really get to know one another– then a mini consult in the middle to make sure that everything is on track – then at the end of the program to design your next steps.

9.       When you help yourself on this program, it will impact those around you in a positive way. So, that all of you make better food and lifestyle choices, so everyone involved is benefitting from your new-found knowledge.

10.   You will be on a healthier trajectory and your life will open up to endless possibilities. When your health improves, you will be in tune with your life and you will make decisions that are informed rather than impulse.

11.   A weekly meetup on line for 60 + minutes each week where we will discuss in depth the reasons why I get you to do certain things, plus tips for health that can be life changing.

12.   You will feel what it is like to be balanced and in tune! Maybe for the first time for a long time and for some for the first time in your life! 

Plus, over the last year I have learnt how valuable it is to work in a group on line - 12 being the optimum number - this is where you will not only get support from me but from the rest of the group as well. It is amazing what you can achieve when there are others to lift you up, after all, the more they achieve, the more you will and vice – versa,  magic happens then!!

If you would like to jump onto Enlightened Hormones then please book a FREE 20 Minute Strategy call http://bit.ly/talk2Karen 


After this phase to keep the results we have our maintenance phase 

This will help leep your journey on track plus you will meet lost of others who are on this wonderful journey/ 


Step 3 

HEMP - is the next stage 


I have been waiting to get guidance as to how this page is going to be used and I now have it!! 

This is our Hormone Enlightenment Membership Program (HEMP) for short!!
I am going to invite experts in their field to share their wisdom, I have yoga practitioners who will show you some practices to help keep/regain balance, exercise professionals to give you tips and tricks, Meditation masters to help you bring a wonderful sense of inner peace. Plus we will have recipes, food 
information, and special deals on products and services!! 
All in all, a wonderful place to be!! 
In fact, a slice of hormone heaven!

To be a member in this group - You must be 
Committed to having the best health you can
Be open to all possibilities 
Allow magic to happen
Interested in learning about all things hormonal

As a HEMP member, you will receive 
Magnesium - every 3 months 
Boost - enough for everyday use 
Remedies - one every 3 months 
Support and a one 2 one consultation with Karen Creighton
Questions answered on a regular basis with our Facebook live video
Discounts on a regular basis
information that will empower you to make simply the best choices for yourself and your family 
Find out from other experts in the field what options are available for you.So you can make informed choices

All this for only $35 per week + one off $100 membership fee! If you have participated in our Enlightened Hormones program then the membership fee is wavered!!

Here is the link to sign up for HEMP